International Yoga day 2020

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Community, English

On Sunday the 21st of June, for the sixth time in a row, on the occasion of the International Yoga Day. The team of organisers (Kim and Shyam Sakhi) organised a day dedicated to yoga and meditation. The current crisis of the world affected Radhadesh as well, and we were forced to think of other ways to engage our friends in the ways of yoga. Therefore we started the online even: Namaste International yoga day. We did videos with some of our yoga teachers about hatha yoga and also kirtan yoga. Next to this there was a workshop through Zoom by one of our local artists.

The sad aspect of the online broadcasting was that we were limited with the interactions of the practitioners. The beautiful plus was that we could create a playlist that even till now is still accessible for you, if you want to go back and unwind with our talented teachers. If you would like to view the playlist you can go to this link.

Although the festival was on a small scale physically in Radhadesh, we still felt so much presence through our online efforts. We definitely learned that nothing can limit us to reach our goals. We will continue reaching out to you on all our online platforms and hope to interact with you as much as we can!