radhadesh kirtans

Daily Evening Kirtans

Every evening all year round a few eager souls gather together to engage in singing the Maha Mantra in a call-and-response format. This is also known to many as Kirtan. It’s a practice for the soul regardless of whatever body we are in, and allows all to enter a space of meditation. The Maha Mantra (lit. ‘the greatest mantra’) is a spiritual sound vibration comprising of 3 names and composed as follows: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Come join us and experience it for yourself from 20.15 onwards in the Radhadesh Temple room. 

Areas where we need your help

  • Mridanga (300 €)
  • Harmonium (800 €)
  • Karatals (20 €)
  • Streaming costs (100 €/ a month)

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Radhadesh Mellows

Radhadesh Mellows is a 3 day kirtan festival in the last weekend of January. It is hailed as the biggest kirtan festival of Western Europe and hosts approx. 1000 guests from all over the world.

From the very young, to the more seasoned chanters, each person that participates in the festival does so with a heartfelt desire to connect with the divine in the form of his sacred name. This powerful intention creates a mood that has to be experienced to be believed!

A touch of Vraja sweetness; a measure of Mayapur mercy and a good dose of special European flavouring combine to create the Radhadesh Mellows kirtan festival. Please come with an open heart and give it a try. Life will never taste the same again.

Kirtan course

Course aims are to empower students to deepen their understanding of kirtan and to offer practical lessons in kirtan. It is done via three broader aims of education:

Aim 1) The philosophy, moods and skills for chanting the holy names

By teaching participants to chant with the proper understanding (sambandha) and in the proper way (abhideya), we wish to empower them to chant with a genuine taste. Sambandha: The knowledge of who the object of kirtan is (Krishna) and who the person doing kirtan is (a soul, part of Krishna). This is the foundation of Krishna kirtan. When properly engaging in kirtan, one will taste love of Godhead on increasing levels. Abhideya: The means to attain the goal (prayojana) works only when properly executed. Therefore the first module will place a lot of emphasis on the right execution of kirtan. The taste for chanting is most important, so that the devotees continue to chant the holy names throughout their lives with increasing appreciation. The kirtan course aims to succeed by addressing this need to chant with genuine devotional taste. To this end it will hold workshops, scheduled kirtans before the Deities at Radhadesh, instructions on good japa, and talks (katha) about Krsna. 

Aim 2) The history and tradition of kirtan

Students will learn some history of kirtan and how kirtan was done by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates. For this, extensive research has been going on about the early writings of Mahaprabhu’s kirtaniyas and about the tradition of kirtan (e.g., the kirtans of the three Ghosh brothers, Narottam dasa Thakur, Srinivas Acarya, etc.)

Aim 3) The practice of kirtan: voice and instruments

To train students in skillful singing and playing of instruments in the mood of glorifying the Lord, we will help them develop favorable attitudes for leading or taking part in kirtans.