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Altar Opening times

04.30 – 05.00

07.15 – 08.00

08.25 – 13.00

15.45 – 18.30

19.00 – 19.30

20.50 – 21.00

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Petite Somme 5, Septon – Durbuy, BE
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Radhadesh is a Hare Krishna community, located in the serene hills of the Ardennes. We perform many different ancient ceremonies. Arati is one such worship. It is considered very auspicious for the person who performs it and for anyone who attends the ceremony. Many families in India and abroad will make a point of attending a temple arati ceremony once or twice a day, as well as performing the ceremonies at home.


The ceremony itself is very beautiful to see and involves the use of a conch shell, bell, flowers, incense, lamp, water, cloth, yak-tail and peacock fans. The articles represent the material elements (earth, water, fire, and air) in their pure form.

The conch shell blown at the beginning and end of each ceremony is said to drive away inauspicious elements. The sound of the bell embodies all music. Flowers and incense provide beautiful aromas. The lamp represents lighting someone’s way. Offering water in the conch shell is a traditional way of greeting an honored guest when receiving them. The handkerchief represents offering new cloth. The yak-tail fan and peacock fan provide a cooling breeze.


Mangala Arati

Tulasi Puja

Sundara Arati

Guru Puja

Dhupa Arati

Raja Bhoga Arati

Dhupa Arati

Sandhya Arati

Sringara Arati

04.30 – 05.00

05.00 – 05.15

07.15 – 07.20

07.20 – 07.50

08.20 – 08.30

12.30 – 13.00

15.20 – 15.30

19.00 – 19.30

20.50 – 21.05

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In memory of Sri Sundar Gopal Das

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Mandira Grison

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Svetlana Schichova

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Syamnam & Christian

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Ekachakra, Govinda Mohini and Kiran

Sponsoring programme

Food offerings

04.00 – Balya bhoga          €61 (mangala milk sweets)
08.00 – Upalaya bhoga    €41 (breakfast)
12.00 – Raja bhoga              €61 (lunch)
15.00 – Vaikalika bhoga      €31 (fruit offering)
18.40 – Sitala bhoga            €41 (dinner)
20.30 – Ratrikalini bhoga    €41 (bedtime snack) 


Pushpadan bhoga €61 (one day’s worth of flowers for garlands and for decorating the altar)



04.30 – Mangala arati        €31
07.15 – Shreengar arati       €25
08.25 – Dhupa arati            €21
12.30 – Raja Bhoga arati     €31
15.20 – Dhupa arati             €25
19.00 – Sandhya arati         €31
20.50 – Sringara arati         €25


Lunch at the temple (prasadam seva)

€608 (Monday to Saturday)
€808 (Sunday feast)


Food and care for the cows (go seva)

€108 for one cow per month

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