Garland Making

Sunday, 13 September 2020 from 11:00-13:30
Workshop fee: 25 euro

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Enjoy a lovely day whilst learning how to create your own fresh garland.
Come along to one of our exciting workshops. We will demonstrate, then guide you from start to finish on how to make your very own fresh garland. We supply all materials, just bring yourself. Complementary drinks and cookies are provided. Set in the beautiful Ardennes of Belgium. There is free parking.
Garlands have been utilised in many cultures across the world as symbols of purity, beauty, peace, love and passion. Flowers, leaves and foliage, delicately strung into garlands, wreaths (circular arrangement), chaplets (flaunted on the head), etc. have been worn as adornments or hung as decorations since time immemorial. In ancient Egypt, flowers had symbolic meaning with emphasis on religious significance; garlands of flowers were placed on the mummies as a sign of celebrating afterlife. The ancient Greeks and Romans used flowers and herbs as adornments to be worn and to decorate their homes, civic buildings, and temples. In contemporary times, the usage and production of garlands have been more elaborate in Asia than elsewhere. Like the Thai have their phuang malai and the Hawaiians, their lei; the Indians have their mala or haar.

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Block printing workshop with Radhe

Saturday, 31 October 2020 from 15:00-19:00
The course will be in English, but she also speaks French.
(Beginners are welcome, minimum age 12y)
Workshop fee: 50 euro’s
(includes all materials , snacks and a variety of tea’s)

Come prepared to explore and enjoy the step by step process of block printing.
This class is particularly geared towards those who are curious and want to learn a new creative skill.You don’t need to be a good artist to make beautiful prints!Traditionally, stamping blocks are carved out of wood, dipped in dye and then applied to cloth or paper. Taking inspiration from this ancient art, we will each be carving out designs from rubber or linoleum blocks, then stamping them on cards, t-shirts, bead bags (you can also bring your own pieces of cotton fabric, bag, pillow case, baby clothes to print). It is a simple and fun way to make presents for your friends and loved ones.

You may bring any inspirational materials (drawings, photos, pieces of plants or flowers, shells…). By the end of the session, all participants will take home a set of basic tools and resources to continue exploring and making prints at home.
(Please remember that capacity at these events are limited and you should not RSVP unless you absolutely plan to attend)

About Radhe:
I am a french painter and illustrator who likes to explore different art forms. Traditional block printing is still practiced in India. One of my jobs is designing textile patterns which are then taken to India, hand carved from wooden block and finally made into beautiful yards of cloth. After working on the creative side of the process I got inspired and started learning the art of carving and printing. Carving out a design is a wonderful tactile experience, it takes patience and focus and the result is the visual reward of a print of your own work. A very satisfying experience that I hope to share with you.

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