Seva day

an opportunity of service and connection

Join the Radiant Journey of Service at Radhadesh

Are you ready to embark on a transformative adventure that nourishes your soul, cultivates growth, and fosters a deep connection with Radhadesh? Radhadesh Temple, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of the picturesque Ardennes region, invites you to be part of our sacred journey by joining our renowned Radhadesh project as a volunteer.

At Radhadesh, we envision a world where love, compassion, and sustainability thrive harmoniously in Srila Prabhupada’s mission. As we embrace the profound principles of spiritual ecology and permaculture, we strive to create an environment that radiates peace, spiritual nourishment, and a deep connection with the congregation. To turn this vision into a vibrant reality, we are seeking enthusiastic volunteers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany to serve in our Premaculture Garden and our flourishing temple kitchen.

Help us in the Premaculture garden!

As a volunteer in the garden, you will have the opportunity to cultivate the earth, plant seeds of love, and witness the wonders of sustainable agriculture firsthand. Whether you have a green thumb or are eager to learn, your presence will contribute to the growth of our permaculture initiatives, where we integrate age-old wisdom with modern practices to nurture Mother Earth and promote ecological balance.

The garden becomes a classroom where you will learn the sacred art of working in harmony with nature, understanding the interconnectedness of all life forms, and experiencing the divine energy that flows through every living being. Your seva (selfless service) in the Premaculture Garden will help Radhadesh Temple flourish and leave an indelible mark on your spiritual journey.

Help us in the kitchen!

The heart of any community is its kitchen, where flavors blend, stories are shared, and nourishment is offered with love. Radhadesh’s temple kitchen, with its rich tapestry of flavors and traditions, beckons you to join our team of dedicated volunteers.

As a kitchen sevaka (volunteer), you will help prepare and offer sanctified vegetarian meals to the devotees and guests who grace our temple. Your seva in the kitchen will nurture the physical bodies of those who visit Radhadesh and your own spiritual growth.

On the to-do list

These are some things that you will be able to do in Radhadesh. Of course there is the element of surprise in case we need to do something important for that project.

Placing the fence

The service consists of pounding some pole brackets into the ground, setting the wooden poles into their brackets, and attaching the fence to the poles. The fence will significantly upgrade the premaculture project as it will make the garden more attractive, secure the Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha’s garden

Cutting vegetables

Every week on the Sunday’s we get about 100 people more coming to visit the Radhadesh community, and we feed them all with a warm meal. For this we cut a lot of vegetables and preparations. Come and be part of the kitchen team!

Washing pots

With all the nice cooking we do to serve the visitors and residents of the community, we pile up many pots during the process. Do you like to clean and help us with this heavy service for the strong and resilient?

I am interested!