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Why Radhadesh is the perfect wedding venue for you

Located in the picturesque hills, amongst the luscious forests of the Ardennes (Belgium), is a beautiful castle. Radhadesh is unique as a venue as it offers you both the classic vibes of architecture combined with Indian decor.

In addition, Radhadesh is located far from the city pressure, yet is easy to reach by public transport or car. Which makes it the perfect location for a wedding you want to keep small and intimate. But also for a wedding you want to make a big party of and invite all your family and friends.

Marriage is a sacred ceremony that is often the most memorable day in one’s life. In the
Vedic marriage (vivaha) there are specific rituals and sacraments that awaken, strengthen, and nourish the couple’s mind.

The ceremony (samskara) is performed with sincerity and knowledge. Such ceremonies create both material and spiritual prosperity for a couple’s union.

Vivaha is important from all perspectives – socially, culturally, and spiritually. It unites two families in a loving relationship, with the aspiration of raising good children. Entering into this new phase of married life with divine blessings, as the couple’s hearts are united, is the most sacred way to begin a marriage.

Radhadesh is host to many different facilities that help create your wedding a special one. We have a Retreat Centre for all your guests to stay at and an amazing vegetarian and vegan Govinda’s Restaurant. At the restaurant you have the ability to create, together with our expert chefs, a menu that caters to you and your loved ones. 

Next to these facilities we also have the MOSA (Museum of Sacred Arts), an Indian Giftshop, an artisanal bakery and of course the beautiful castle, where you can have a special guided tour and learn about the history of one of the most beautiful places in Belgium.

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